How PEG-MGF Help Grow Your Muscles

You will find PEG-MGF (PEGylated mechano growth factor) worth every consideration if you are interested in building muscles though peptides, simply because it has undergone a process referred to as Pegylation. A pegylation is an act of attaching PEG structures to another molecule under this case the MDF. The MDF is a splice variant that increases the stem cell counts thereby allowing muscle fiber to grow bigger and mature faster. Without the stem cell growth, there is no way your muscles will increase even under intense workout. Pelygration is an innovative way that makes the peptide more accessible to the overall body.

Usefulness, and when to use

When you are working out, your body is breaking muscles down, and the only way growth will happen, is when these injured muscles heal. This is where PEG-MGF becomes incredibly useful, typically as a recovery tool. If you inject 200mcg bilaterally, it will help recover the damaged muscle tissue than any IGF-1. It has also been proven to activate satellite cells close the damaged muscles tissues. What this means in simple language is that with this peptide, you are creating new muscle tissues, while at the same time recovering the existing ones. Its effects are systematic, irrespective of the muscle state, either way; you will be opening up the anabolic window.

Due to the half-life of PEG-MGF, the time of injection is not crucial, but many people feel it’s effective when muscle receptors are more sensitive, i.e., in pre or post weight training. Inject as soon as possible after a workout and use the best method.

Best method of use

In the past, the manner of administration of PEG-MGF would be using 200mg after post workout twice in a week, followed by injection of IGF-1 the rest of the days. This method is sound as the number of available stem cells will expand; however, there is a significant problem with this method. First, when administered 2X in a week, the Bodybuilder will choose to inject it after training body parts, but a problem arises when he wants to administer IGF. The growth factor will be short-circuited, and the result will be unfavorable Muscle growth. Second, the proliferation process will be cut short, thereby limiting the growth of the available stem cells. Higher dosage would be needed to maximize stem cell proliferation.

So what is the best approach? The micro-injection technique is the best approach to most people. It might be painful, so use 30-31 g. Insulin needles. You need to inject a small portion of the drug in a different location in the same muscle. For optimal results, this technique should be incorporated into one’s protocol. This technique has to be performed twice in a week for at least four weeks, but that will depend on individual choice and of course, the result achieved. You can adjust the dosing schedule depending on your personal preference; you may want to experiment, but get to know how other are using it, and try to follow the instruction that comes with the peptide. If you have never injected before, please consult a doctor or a nurse or a pharmacist to show you the right injection procedure.